Week 24 – Trailing a little, but it’s still in my sights

So the week started off grand and although I was unable to catch the webbie I was prepared for it to watch it the next day, which in Australian time is Tuesday.   I found myself listening to the MasterKey on the way to work embracing the amazing world around me.  What would usually send me in to a rage of frustration being 30 minutes late for work and stuck in traffic, instead I found myself pausing like time had stood still for me, and enjoying the misty mountain and the cold and being in ore of the hundreds of beautiful spider webs woven amongst the fields and sparkling as the sun broke through the clouds.  I had seen this sight many a time before, having driven the same road to work every day for the last seven years and I had looked briefly at the webs and said to myself “cool”, but today it was more than just “cool”, today it was “Wow, how lucky am I to be here on this day at this time to see such a spectacle.  How talented are all these spiders, and how amazing is mother nature in that it has taught this specific bread of spider to weave the exact same pattern in every web”.  Now I do realise that not all webs are identical, but the overall pattern was as if one spider had spun a thousand webs.  Needless to say I was off to a great start.  Then came Tuesday and no webbie, Wednesday came and was almost over before the webbie appeared by this stage my mood had altered as I am one of those people who love to plan and plan every second of every day so I not only don’t forget things but can also fit them all in.  So this week I decided to not fill up my diary and just “go with the flow”.  How did that turn out you ask?  Not so great.  I found myself falling even further behind and as you can see it is now Sunday night here in Aus and Im only just blogging now.  On a high note I can say that I had a great weekend involving taking my family swimming…..My sons first pool experience, followed by my neighbours 18th Birthday (I know I feel old now Im 30 as the Doof Doof music does nothing for me….bring back ACDC lol), then spoilt my hubby by buying him an intercom for his motorbike helmet and today I spent the day with my Mum, Sister and Niece going to watch the theatre production of Mary Poppins.  Such a great end to an otherwise chaotic week.  In saying that I have now had to take a day off work to watch tomorrows webbie as it is shown here early on a Monday morning. oh well.  Lets hope I stay on top of things this week.

Until we meet again, …….in the words of Mark – peace be the journey.


Week 23, Being Grateful for the ability to give….Finally I got this one!

So part of the Master Key this week is that the law of success is service; that we get what we give, and for this reason we should consider it a great privilege to be able to give.  A generous thought is filled with strength and vitality, a selfish thought contains the germs of dissolution.

Finally I think I got this.  After the devastating TC hit Vanuatu and my friends and family that have been effected I realised I am still very materialistic.  This may have something to do with my upbringing.  In saying that we weren’t poor but we very rarely got new things and were taught to look after our things to make them last and get the most out of them.  This extends so far as to say that I still have clothing now that I wore as a teenager, and since I turned 30 last weekend it is clearly time to get a new wardrobe lol.

Reading MK 23 made me realise that whist we are scraping by at the moment with the mortgage and two kids in full time day care I don’t need to sell all of my maternity things to get by.

By”chance” or more like “Law of Attraction” I went shopping and ran into an old friend who is 20 weeks pregnant with no spare money for maternity clothes. As we are a similar size I offered her mine for free.  Then today I ran into a different friend at day care and offered her my other baby items.  Warm fuzzy feelings all round. No longer focusing on the hundreds of dollars we spent on them, noting not only did we get the use we wanted from them but now they will be going to a good home.

Feeling please with myself that this week,  think Im back in the flow of things…Happy Days…Oh and I tried laughing for 1minute first thing this morning to brighten my day and it really did work!  Granted its hard to laugh that long without a good reason, so I googled laughing babies and had a good old laugh. …. Try it and let me know how you go!

Have a great weekend.

Week 22A – Master of My Emotions….I think Not!

So it seems I need to try a lot harder to be Master of my emotions as required by Og Mandino this month.  Im finding my emotions are getting the better of me. I try and try and find Im getting even more emotional and frustrated as I seem to focus on mastering my emotions.  I can’t seem to see the funny side of a lot of things and getting more tense as the day goes on.  I have tried laughing when Im sad etc but it’s not yet sinking in, hopefully by the end of the month it will.   I think I need to forget my emotions for now and just focus on controlling them as they arrive. Will let you know how that goes after my lack of sleep kicks in mixed with attending my cousins wedding on my 30th birthday!

Bye for now.

Week 22 – The Silence is deafening!

So this week we are tasked to be silent for a few days. Still trying to work out how/when and where I can do this.

No phones, no texts, no calls, no net, no tv, no cd, no books, nothing that is a distraction. well……at the moment I’m out.

Im trying to figure out how a mum of two (a baby and a toddler) who works 5 days a week plus runs two home based businesses can just stop. stop everything, stop and not have anyone or anything distract me….OMG it sounds like a crazy challenge and yet somehow exciting and fun.

As it is this week has been one of my worst at keeping up with MKMMA, my head would either explode or welcome the silence and surrender to the billion thoughts that flow through my head on a daily basis.  The silence is already deafening!

The party planning from last weekend was a huge success, with two parties for two different families held and enjoyed by all.  Though I was left permanently scared as a parent when one child latched onto his younger brothers head and began to bite his ear off, needless to say the parents removal of both children from the pass the parcel game was more than warranted as I and all the attending children’s parents just stood there in shock of what had just occured.

Then as the Law if Attraction works its magic in mysterious ways, the program manager of my work course ended up so ill he was hospitalised and I got to run/assist the first pre-deployment course of 2015. This flows onto my goal of becoming a trainer at my work. After being on this course and making some new friends I now have a type of mentor inrelation to gender equality in my workplace – at the moment it is a bit of a boys club.

Anyway, sleep is much needed after a crazy week.

See you next week!

Week 21 – Feeling calm whilst searching – It really is a miracle!

Im starting to think that I’m trying too hard to get the right DMP to focus on, I think I will simplify what I want and keep trying.  Im not as stressed about it this week which is nice.  I have been busy with my party planning business, making decorations and cakes etc all ready for 22 kids at one party and 15 at another.

Miracles – well, Im starting to notice them a lot more and am being able to be grateful for a lot of things around me.

There is a lot happening in my life these days but I am still on board with MKMMA.  In saying that there is only 5 more weeks to go. wow, that’s gone fast for sure.

Some people have stayed and a lot have gone from the MKMMA course, but I know through what I have learnt that it has all occurred for a reason.  Here is a perfect example to show you what I mean…..Last week I was walking down the street in my work uniform, only to have someone throw a scrunched up piece of paper at me.  I kept walking.  I chose not to look back.  For those of you that know what I do, lets just say I was in an official looking uniform and I wouldn’t put it past some people to through stuff at someone wearing it.  Anyway, long story short after ignoring the item that hit me, I then heard them yell out to me, anyway it turns out it was an old boyfriend from my high school days that I hadn’t seen in ages (Colin).  He was only trying to get my attention.  The funny thing is I was thinking of telling him about MKMMA the next time I saw him.

My Mastermind partner seems to have dropped off so I was looking for someone new to partner up with and then my phone buzzed…. It was Colin.  Not only did he want to catch up but this is what the post said….and I hadn’t even mentioned MKMMA to him when I saw him the day before…. “Hey do you have a group of people you meet with regularly to help set goals and hold each other accountable?  Apart from catching up I think we share similar goals and there wouldn’t be any BS alternative motive and we know the other will kick the other persons ass if they don’t do what they say they will do (I’ll jut verbally over the phone where you might physically kick me in the ass! But that is beside the point) What do you think? – Needless to say I am catching up with him on Sunday to tell him all about MKMMA and why he should do it next year and discuss our plans from there…..Exciting stuff!    So miracles really do happen!

Until we meet again…Have a grand week!

Week 20 – and still just keeping my head above water, but I’m still breathing!

So I’m now back at work, struggling to keep up with my MKMMA tasks, barely sleeping and unable to focus as much as I want.  I’m employing the laws of substitution daily and trying to stay up beat.  I feel as if I’m in limbo.  I went to the doctors today after having 3 blood noses in three days and almost passing out from inertial and the room spinning so fast yesterday.  I don’t know if I have taken on too much.  People always tell me I thrive when I’m busy, but i’m starting to think that, taking care if 2 kids, working full-time, studying MKMMA and running 2home businesses is just a bit too much even for me.  Not sure what has got to give.  Tonight I think I will sleep on it and pray for some guidance from the omnipresent, omniscient universal mind.  This day I have lived as my last and I pray I wake for a bright new tomorrow.

Week 19 – What a Blur!

Focus, Daniel son Focus!… these words and DO IT NOW resinate in my head, yet nothing seems to be getting done.

This was my first week back at work returning from 6 months maternity leave.  Monday started out with a 2hour drive to a funeral and then the 2hour drive home to the hubby and kids, followed by Tuesday going to work to see that in 6 months NOTHING had changed for the better, in fact, nothing had changed and it has gotten worse…..needless to say, positive thinking was straining that day!  Wednesday was a day of reflection and learning, back on my high ropes obstacle course, feeling free and happy climbing the 15 meter tower and abseiling, remembering my skills and hoping to heaven that my knots were still up to scratch before I descended to the ground below.  This is definitely not for the faint hearted, it involves a lot of trust. Trust in the equipment, trust in your judgement in assessment of the equipment, trust in the other climbers and most importantly trust in yourself, in your skills to tie the knots that will inevitably be the only thing that either saves you from a fall or has you plummeting to the ground which could result in a deathly fate.  When done right, it is soon much fun!

I have just realised that this is one of only a handful of times when I have actually trusted myself.  Sounds a little strange, yet very true.  I’m now trying to comprehend why I am able to trust myself with important things like my kids and my safety, yet I can’t seem to grasp trusting myself with my future and happiness….. A little hard to write.

Moving on, after 2 days of feeling a little ordinary wit my new reality hitting me I took Thursday and Friday off. Too much to do and comprehend for one week.  A new business venture – Party Perfection, putting both my kids in full time day care, realising that my baby is already 6 months old and then also that I had to go back to work where my team member is leaving and others already left, with no outlook of long term goals for my area due to poor middle management….. I think I’m going to ask for a pay rise and a new position to try and put some life back into my area.

Anyway now Friday is here it’s time to go catch up with some old friends and stay the night in a relaxing atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of life.  mmmmm Pork and gravy rolls for dinner (sorry vegetarians), followed by buttermilk pancakes in the morning. Good night world.  Bring on the focus and clear direction in the morning….. I hope.


Moving on

Week 18 – I shall live this day as if it was my last

Yay,I did it, I finally have worked out my new DMP…now to work on the details and POA to make it happen.  Its funny really, it’s not what i thought I wanted, it’s not what I wrote down initially…in fact its no where near it at all, but now I know I have energy behind it, I have a mastermind contact and I’m ready to face the world again. Feeling much more focussed and happy!

Party Planning….My new venture….”Party Perfection” Here we come!

Week 17.5 – Were almost there yet I am lost!

Week 17.5 and over half way through the course and I feel a little lost.  I feel like I have gone back to square one, but I guess as long as I keep going forward I will still progress – “in truth, one step at a time is not too difficult”  “I will persist until I succeed”.

My DMP is being rewritten as we speak and thanks to my lovely guide we may Skype to progress it further.  Im back to chipping off the cement.

Unlike a lot of people I have never had that, must have or must be moment.  I was never too sure what I wanted to be as a kid and I was still struggling until last night to open my mind back up to endless possibilities. – the child like state.

I came up with a few crazy ideas….

  • Start up a Belief School. – A school for visionaries and dreamers, not for future factory workers.
  • A South east Australian Tae Kwon Do Instuctor (Im already a Black Belt in this and have been training since I was 5)
  • Owner of a Burlesque Dinner and Dance show
  • Design Flaw – a thinking solution company where you call or email in for ideas from amazing people when you have a mind block.
  • Travel/Holiday Heros – Travel the world helping people with their health  ( I think this is more where I’m headed with my NWM business)   and lastly, but coolest of all…………
  • INABILITY-   A fun park for disabled people with the catch phrase…”Where you have an inability Not to have fun!”.  Where rides would cater for all categories of so called disabilities – from missing limbs that would normally prevent you from going on standard rides to rides for the mentally challenged. (I’m liking the sound of this more and more) – I might just have to patent the idea! TM.

So that’s my week so far, still al little puzzled what I’m aiming for and If I have no goal I have no path, so I need to get this sorted ASAP.  Happy Week and weekend to you all from Aus. ox

Week 17 – Concentrate to Eliminate!

So in this weeks lesson we are taught if we wish to eliminate something we must concentrate on the opposite…eliminate fear, concentrate on courage, eliminate lack, concentrate on abundance, eliminate disease concentrate on health.

This weeks seems hard for me to concentrate at all.  In truth I’m not sure why?…. It may be that I have stopped breast feeding my baby as he needs to go on formula for day care, that it was my hubby’s birthday and I threw him a party, or that the realisation that I have to go back to work in 3 weeks has come up so quickly and I’m not sure what I think about it.  So what to concentrate on? – Maybe redoing my DMP and starting again.  I realised last night I didn’t like reading my DMP because after discussions with hubby my goals have changed slightly.

It’s rather tricky to concentrate on anything other than my gorgeous 5month old at the moment knowing my daily time with him is about to shorten substantially.  In saying that I’m kind of excited as parenting is hard work so I guess you can say I’m going back to work for a rest lol. and some adult interaction.  It’s hard spotting values when you usually only see your hubby and 2 kids daily. I have now tried watching a few things on tv to try and see the values on there.

For some reason of late fear/anxiety has been creeping up on me again so I’m working hard to quickly change my thoughts as soon as they arise.  Slow and steady wins the race right?

Until next week, stay safe and happy and hug your family for no reason – I love warm fuzzys!. ox